Indeks KOMPAS100 Terbaru Periode Aug 2011-Jan 2012

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Berikut Daftar Saham Indeks KOMPAS100 terbaru periode Agustus 2011 - Januari 2012 :

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Stock Criteria for The Index Kompas 100

Have been recorded at the Jakarta Stock Exchange at least 3 months

  • Selected based on the transaction value of 150 in the Regular Market
  • Of 150 selected stocks, the 60 stocks with the largest transaction value will be automatically entered in the calculation of the index A-100.
  • To get the 100 stocks 40 stocks selected using the criteria of the day regular transactions in the market, the frequency of transactions in the regular market, and market capitalization. 40 stock selection methods are:
    1. From the remaining 90 a share based on 75 selected days regular transactions in the market
    2. From 75 shares will be diplih 60 based on the frequency of stock market transactions in the regular
    3. From the 60 stocks 40 stocks will be selected based on market capitalization, so will be 100 shares
  • As a last step in the preparation of a list of stock-stock this, BEJ consider fundamental company factors and the pattern of trade exchanges.
  • The calculation of the index Kompas-100 began on 2 January 2002 (Kompas 100 = 100) until the publication of the index started on 10 August 2007.
  • Since 10 August 2007, the calculation of Kompas-100 engine made in stock trading, known as JATS ( "Jakarta automatic trading system").
  • Stock-shares index joined in the formation of Kompas-100 will be reset twice a year ie in January and July.

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0 # wandi 2012-04-24 23:26
tolong..saya mau daftar emiten dan profil singkat indeks kompas100 tahun 2011...
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